First days in La Paz

We flew in on 4054m and landed at La Paz airport shortly after midnight on sunday night. Our good friend Jorge and his wife Miri picked us up at the airport and drove us to the hotel. We received a warm welcome from our colleagues at UMSA. They had arranged what was more or less a press conference where journalists from UMSA own newspaper, the La Cátedra, and their own TV channel made an interview and asked questions about our visit and what we will do on the days we will be here. Today we have had a private spanish lecture, and more lectures will follow the coming days. I quickly realised that I need to learn a lot more spanish words. As it sis now the conversation is quite poor. This afternoon we are off to Sapecho, to visit a agricultural center on the outskirts of the Amazon. We will stay there overnight and be back La Paz late on Wednesday night. I stumbled upon a news flash about our visit.